Vision Statement & History


Core beliefs

We believe a complete education is one that acknowledges Jesus as the center of all learning. (Colossians 2)

We believe parents have the primary responsibility to educate and disciple their children and that a Christ centered school can be an invaluable support to families in this endeavor. (Deuteronomy 6)

Core values (guides day to day decisions of school) 

  • Gospel-Centered.
  • Joyful.
  • Encouragement and accountability to do the work of learning.
  • Love filled.


The purpose of Mid Vermont Christian School is to glorify God by preparing each student for college, career, and Christian ministry through a program of academic excellence established in Biblical truth.


The mission of Mid Vermont Christian School is to have the majority of Christian families in the Upper Valley enrolled in an MVCS initiative or program by 2040.



In the summer of 1986, a small group of parents gathered in a living room to discuss the possibility of starting a Christian school. From that initial meeting, it was decided that they should seek God for his will in the matter for 2 weeks, and then reconvene. It was agreed to ask God 3 questions: if we should start a school, if so… when, and finally where. Upon reconvening all came back with the same answers: YES! start a school, it should begin the following year, and as to where school should begin, God did not at that time provide an answer. 

In September of 1987 The Mid Vermont Christian School opened its doors (as a renter) on the first floor of what was then called the Woodstock Baptist Fellowship.  The school employed one teacher who taught Kindergarten, First, Third, and Fourth grades to a total of just five students.  The teacher also had the responsibility of feeding wood to the furnace three times each day.  That year she had a helper for Art instruction.  In the middle of that school year, everyone moved upstairs to some newly renovated classrooms. What followed was a rapid succession of growth:

  • The 1988-89 school year saw the addition of one teacher and eight more students, plus Music, Physical Education, and Art instructors. 
  • The 1989-90 school year began with some new staff members - three full time classroom teachers. The school grew to twenty-eight students, and at the end of the year the Board hired its first administrator. We also had a parent who established, organized, and ran the Library. 
  • The 1990-91 school year began with forty-nine students in Kindergarten through Seventh grade. Two more teachers were added - a Junior High instructor, and a staff member to teach Computer and work with remedial students. The school's first secretary began that year. During the 1990-91 school year the Board negotiated the purchase of both a building and land in Quechee, VT where our present campus resides today. 
  • The 1991-92 school year began with many dramatic changes.  The school moved into its new completely renovated facilities in Quechee with almost 100 students enrolled in Preschool through the ninth grade. Several new staff were added: the school's first Preschool Director/Teacher; a preschool aide; a teacher to teach a combination 2nd/3rd grade class and another to teach a combination 4th/5th grade class; French and Latin teacher; and a school custodian. 
  • In 1993-94, our first Headmaster was hired (In those days, the term Headmaster referred to head teacher. It comes from an old English term that we no longer use today. Instead we refer to the Head of School).  That year we began our first basketball season.
  • In 1994, the gymnasium was built with three junior/senior high classrooms built into the side of the gym where bleachers would eventually be. 
  • In 1995, three classrooms, a science lab, and a small office were built above the existing gymnasium classrooms. Enrollment had reached 176 students, and 27 faculty and staff.
  • The 1996-97 school year began with adding the Twelfth grade. Now we had all grades from Preschool through Twelfth Grade. In June the first five students graduated from Mid Vermont Christian School. 
  • In January 2000, the junior/senior high school was completed and the seventh through twelfth grade moved in as well as the art and music departments, and the computer lab. 

Since then, we have grown in many areas both academically and spiritually. Our sports teams have excelled wonderfully in the region with many winning seasons. The school has, and continues to provide an academic program that significantly outperforms its public school counterparts in the state (based on SAT testing). In recent years we have seen some diminishment of student body size, though we believe that we are currently on a new growth trajectory (by God’s grace). Our graduates have attended the top universities in the world, and some serve Christ in ministries as far reaching as Jordan, Kazakhstan, and Madagascar. Whatever their occupation or calling, our hope and intent is that every graduate would live a life that is honoring to God and the gospel of Jesus Christ. We pray that by his mercy we will continue to serve him through the ministry of MVCS for years into the future.

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