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We began our Live!-Online-Classroom in the 2020/21 school year. In addition to our regular campus classrooms in Quechee, Vermont, students will now be able to partake of the live classroom experience from anywhere in the world. This is a cutting-edge initiative at MVCS, that offers tremendous benefits above other online offerings.

  • Students will be able to interact with their fellow classmates and teachers in a bidirectional fashion. Rather than just watching a video of a class taking place, remote learning students will be able to participate in the academic activities of the classroom.
  • Limited class sizes ensure that every student either on campus, or at a remote location receives the individualized attention and participation that undergirds a strong academic experience..
  • We have the technological foundation at the student and teacher level which will ensure the continuance of a student’s education should we face another pandemic.
  • Remote students fulfilling the curriculum requirements will be able to graduate with their fellow students at the Mid Vermont Christian School campus.
  • Participation in the life of the school, in sports, in plays, at concerts, and in all other MVCS community events, are available to our remote learning students.
  • Additionally, and perhaps most importantly, this initiative makes Christ-centered biblically sound education available for many families to whom it might not otherwise be available. Every one of our teaching staff is a mature, born-again, dedicated follower of Christ. Their wisdom and Christian example will infuse the learning experience with an essential life illustration for every student. Jesus said: "A pupil is not above his teacher; but everyone, after he has been fully trained, will be like his teacher." Luke 6:40 NASB
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Below you will find numerous examples of the utilization of technology in education. If you’re not already familiar with the way these technologies work in a classroom setting, we encourage you to watch some of the videos.  Whether participating in only one online class, or taking advantage of the full academic curriculum of the school, remote students will enjoy the benefits of excellence in Christian education. Don’t wait - apply to MVCS today!

What happens in the classroom

When using the side monitor as a secondary display to a Chromebook or laptop, student can follow along and work on their own touchscreen, while watching the teacher and following lessons on their primary screen. Likewise, teachers can interact with their lessons and better engage students from the large classroom touch display - it's like bringing an interactive whiteboard into your home. MVCS is making laptops and side monitors available to all students.

smart screen at home

What happens on the student's screen

Students will have the option of seeing their fellow classmates on one screen and the teacher and interactive whiteboard on the other.

This video, though not directly applicable to our MVCS classroom, is an example of interactive teaching technology. This shows on a small scale, what we will be doing on a large scale with our own combination of top technology platforms. Note, that as the teacher shares his screen, whatever he does on his screen shows up on the remote student’s screen. Our facilitation of technology at MVCS utilizes more than one software platform along with latest communication technology and hardware.

In this video, we see some of the basic facilities offered in Zoom for sharing screens. This experience is greatly enhanced by our utilization of the very latest in educational hardware and software platforms at MVCS.

Your student will be a step ahead in the new world of learning with sophisticated technology. More questions? Give us a call and we’ll be delighted to tell you more.

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