Upper School

At the Junior/Senior High level we offer normal core classes and a number of other academic courses and electives to complement our program.

Recommended Course Progression & Options

Grade 6: Bible, English/Grammar, Mathematics, Science, Ancient Civilization, Spanish, Phys. Ed., Art & Music.

Grade 7: Bible, English/Grammar, Pre-Algebra, Life Science, World Geography, Phys. Ed., Art, Music.

Grade 8: Bible, English/Grammar, Algebra 1, Earth Science, U.S. Government, Phys. Ed, Art, Music

Grade 9: Bible, English/Grammar, Geometry, Physical Science, U.S. History I, Phys. Ed., Music

Grade 10: Bible, World Literature/Grammar, Algebra II, Biology, U.S. History II, and Phys. Ed., Music.

Grade 11: Bible, American Literature or British Literature or AP English,  Pre-Calculus*, Chemistry and/or Physics*, and/or Advanced Biology-Anatomy & Physiology*, Computer Science*, and Phys. Ed., Music.

Grade 12: Bible-Christian Worldview, American Literature or British Literature or English, Phys. Ed., Pre-Calculus* or Calculus*, Chemistry and/or Physics* and/or Advanced Biology-Anatomy & Physiology*, and Computer Science*, Music.

* Indicates an elective. Other Electives for Jr.-Sr. High include:

Grades 7-12: Music Theory, Worship Team, Foreign Languages, Ramsey Solutions Foundation in Personal Finance (JH or SH).

Grades 9-12: Bible Elective, Foreign Languages, Entrepreneurship, Studio Art, Chorus, Band, Music Theory, Sustainable Agriculture.

Grades 11-12: Yearbook, Consumer or Business Math, Art – Independent Study, Dual-Enrollment college classes.

In order to graduate from MVCS, a student must earn at least 24 credits (20 non-Bible credits). All students are required to take a minimum of 6 credits during each of the four years at MVCS. The following is the distribution of credits that a student is required to earn prior to graduation: Bible 4.0 credits, English 4.0 credits, Mathematics 3.0 credits, Science (Biology Required) 3.0 credits, Social Studies (U.S. History Required) 3.0 credits, Physical Education 1.6 credits, The Fine Arts 1.6 credits.
Electives 3.8 credits

The Fine Arts requirement may consist of credits from the following: Studio Art, Art History, Yearbook, Choir, Concert Band, and Music Theory.

Electives include: Foreign Language (2 years are required for most colleges), Evangelism, Teaching Assistant, and extra classes beyond the required number of credits in any of the above categories.

Extra-curricular activities are made available as possible. Activities may include: music/drama events, math olympics, spelling bees, etc.

Sports programs for the Junior/Senior High students may include: soccer, volleyball, golf, basketball, track, and cross-country.


In 1999 a National Honor Society chapter was begun for our school. Membership in local chapters is an honor bestowed upon a student. Selection for membership is by a faculty council and is based on outstanding scholarship, character, leadership, and service.


At MVCS PSATs and SATs are administered each year. PSAT are administered in October. SATs are offered following the College Board schedule for SATs.

Online Course Catalog

MVCS offers some dual credit courses and online learning opportunities for some courses. Learn more about the online courses available by visiting the course catalog. Coming soon!


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