Tours & interviews


Parents/Guardians and Students:

Join us for an in-person tour and interview with the Head of School so we can get to know your child and family, and share how Mid Vermont Christian School can support you as you raise your children for the Lord.  (We can also schedule a virtual tour for you.)

Student visitors can spend time in the classroom:

Elementary students (Grades Preschool - 1st) Please join us for a partial day.

Elementary students (Grades 2nd - 5th) Please join us for a partial or full day.

Junior/Senior High students (Grades 6th -12th) We will set you up with a student your age to shadow for a partial or full day.

Complete the form below to let us know you would like to visit and we will set up your tour/visit.  Or give us a call at (802) 295-6800 or email

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