Our school offers a great education for preschoolers through the 12th grade. Students learn in self-contained classrooms, with individual classroom teachers providing instruction.

The facilities are located on approximately ten acres of land. Our soccer field is directly in front of the gymnasium, and a playground has been provided for the elementary grades. The basis of the Christian School Association are the Scriptures of the Old and New Testaments. The standard text for the school is the New King James Version. Organizationally, the Association is not an ecclesiastical body nor is it subject to any ecclesiastical organization. The government of the Christian School is autonomous. We believe that the primary responsibility for the education of children lies with the parents and that the school should be an extension of the Christian home. In every way the school should serve to underscore, continue and augment the teachings of the home. This necessitates an active role on the part of the parents in the school.

Christian schools, organized and administered in accordance with legitimate standards and provisions for day school, should be fully recognized in society as free to function according to their principles.


Education that is truly Christian is approached with “the mind of Christ.” We are desirous, therefore, that Christian Education be in complete accordance with the teachings of Scripture and that children will acquire God’s perspective on life and the circumstances, situations, views, philosophies, mores, moralities, histories, etc. of society and the world at large.

Academic excellence should be vigorously sought after, so that the person may be well equipped to examine and process facts, react or initiate action when necessary, and live a productive God honoring life in this short time on earth. In this way we are hopeful that the child will highly esteem godliness, and be a more effective ambassador of the Gospel of Salvation.

Teachers should be apt to teach and be governed by the Holy Spirit, so that they may have God’s sensitivity to the particular child and his unique personality. Since not all children have come under the government of Christ in their lives, there is a need for clear guidelines, authority, and discipline. As the teacher works with the parent in this capacity, the ultimate goal of education for the particular child should be voluntary submission to the government of Christ. In this way the particular child can excel to the highest level in accordance with all that we have stated above.

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