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Upper School Basketball

Men's basketball


Please contact Head Coach, Erva Barnes, with interest or if you have any questions.


You can watch indoor gynasium sports online at:


  • Head Coach: Erva Barnes II: 603-359-9480
  • Athletic Director: Erva Barnes II (mvcsad@mvcs.info)
  • Head of School : Vicky Fogg: 802-295-6800  (headofschool@mvcs.info)


Women's basketball


The women’s basketball team is a group of young ladies enjoying the sport of basketball while they learn and grow in their faith in Christ.  The team transitioned from the ACSI league (Association of Christian Schools International) to competing Division IV basketball in the State of Vermont in the 2008-2009 season.   It just so happens the team that year went to the Barre Auditorium and played in the final four game in the semifinals.   The Lady Eagles have been a competitive force in Division IV.   More than wins and losses these ladies consistently  have a positive experience they will carry with them for a lifetime.   – Coach Chris Goodwin, Asst. Coach Helen Jenks

  • Head Coach: Chris Goodwin
  • Assistant Coach: Helen Jenks
  • Athletic Director: Erva Barnes
  • Head of School : Vicky Fogg: 802-295-6800 - headofschool@mvcs.info


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