MVCS Administration & Organization

The Mid Vermont Christian School is an independent Christian school that began operations in 1987. The parents of the school, who are members of the association, elect the school board members to represent them. In turn, the Headmaster directs the school under the supervision of the school board. The Parent Association features two types of membership: full membership and associate membership.

In order to be a full member of the MVCS parent association, a person must be in agreement with the school’s doctrinal and philosophical positions, regularly attend a Bible-believing church, and must sign a statement indicating such. Full members are entitled to vote and may serve on the board of directors. Associate members are spouses of full members who, for whatever reason, do not feel comfortable with the doctrinal or philosophical statements. These spouses may serve the school in a variety of capacities; however, they may not vote or serve on the school board.

Families or individuals who do not have children enrolled in the school may still become a member of the MVCS association after giving at least a $25 gift each year and by agreeing to the philosophical position of the school and by signing the statement of faith.

MVCS is a member of the Association of Christian Schools International, an organization dedicated to the advancement and establishment of Christian education throughout the world. Our voluntary relationship to this organization entitles us to participate in a wide range of professional and student activities and services.